New Wines to Be Introduced Sunday at Wrestling Mega-Event

stadiumWhile the most popular adult beverage at AT&T Stadium, the mammoth home of the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas, is the CowboyRita — a frozen margarita that sells for $16 — I have just learned that a new line of wines will be introduced this Sunday for fans attending Wrestlemania 32.

According to a media release that crossed my desk just yesterday (meaning I did not have an opportunity to verify its accuracy), all club bars in the stadium will be offering five new wines honoring WWE personalities during this Sunday’s sports entertainment extravaganza.

The five wines are:

  • Triple H — Named after the WWE’s current heavyweight champion, this wine is a blend of equal parts Harslevelu, Huxelrebe and hops. Harslevelu lifts the aroma and adds a spicy character to the traditional Tokaji blend, while Huxelrebe is a German crossing that’s grown in the Rheinhessen and Pfalz regions. Hops are added so that the blend also can be classified as a beer and sold at all beer carts around the stadium.
  • Roman Reigns Riesling — Roman Reigns will be Triple H’s opponent for the world heavyweight title, and this off-dry Riesling is ideal for sipping or for toasting a victory on the sports entertainment world’s grandest stage.
  • The Undertaker Ugni Blanc — Like the veteran wrestler for which it’s named, this is destined to be an iconic wine and, quite possibly, a collector’s item. Reason: This could be The Undertaker’s final appearance at Wrestlemania.
  • Brock Lesnar Lambrusco — A lightly sparkling red wine named after the wrestler known for punishing his opponents with multiple suplexes. Lesnar has been both a WWE and UFC champion, and this wine has the potential to cross genres, just like Lesnar.
  • Mr. McMahon Merlot — Named after the WWE’s Chairman of the Board and exuding his smooth, easy-to-like personality.

That last wine makes me a little suspicious of the media release, because the Mr. McMahon I have come to know through a lifetime of watching wrestling is not an easy-to-like person. But that is what the media release says, so hopefully the wine will be good.

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