Never Wear White to a Red Wine Tasting… and Other Notes

A spilled glass of red wine on a carpetNotes and quotes from the wonderful world of wine, as we do a little spring cleaning of the office — uh, I mean cellar — desk…

  • “Smooth jazz” guitarist Peter White, who has played at numerous wineries over the years — including Thornton in Temecula, Calif., and Rodney Strong in Healdsburg, Calif. — was one of many artists featured on a recent Caribbean cruise hosted by sax man Dave Koz. One of the theme nights on the cruise was an “All White Night,” which White says necessitated him going on “a pre-cruise shopping spree. You see, I have never owned any white trousers. However, it was nice to see everybody on board dressed in white for one night.” Added Peter: “You just have to be careful not to spill the red wine!”
  • Quiz: What percentage of vineyard acreage in California’s Napa Valley is devoted to Cabernet Sauvignon? You’ll find the answer if you keep scrolling.
  • Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. Only about 12,000 tourists visit it each year. But that could change once word gets out about the quality of its wines — which some say are the best among all former Soviet Union countries. At the long-established Cricova estate, visitors can explore the vast limestone cellars to work up a thirst for the wines. Yes, the wineries are producing international varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, but when in Moldova, do as the Moldovans do, and try the native Feteasca Alba and Rara Neagra varieties. To learn more, go to:
  • Maybe I’m getting old, but I sure do miss comedians like Henny Youngman. True, some of his jokes may have been corny, but I also like the fact that they could be subtle and delivered without using profanity. An example: “Doctor says to a man, ‘You’re pregnant!’ The man says, ‘How does a man get pregnant?’ The doctor says, ‘The usual way — a little wine, a little dinner…’ “
  • Located in the Container Park, an open-air shopping complex a few blocks from the downtown Fremont Street Experience, Bin 702 claims to offer “the most comprehensive selection of wine available on tap in Las Vegas.” Artisanal cheeses, meat plates, salads and paninis also are featured, with all oils and aiolis made on site from scratch. For further information, visit:
  • Quiz Answer: Although there are dozens and dozens of grape varieties made in commercial quantities around the world, a single variety — Cabernet Sauvignon — accounts for 40 percent of the vineyard acreage in the Napa Valley.

Now that the desk has been de-cluttered, it’s time to do a little dusting…

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