Chilling With the Gang from NCIS and a Fruit and Wine Sorbet

Cherry, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry , red sorbet,scoop, black stone background.In 73 days, summer will be here. But with temperatures already warming up in many parts of the country, I see no reason that we can’t start enjoying cool summertime treats right now.

My wife was recently trolling around Facebook, and came upon a BuzzFeed post for a Fruit and Wine Sorbet. On a particularly warm day, we decided to try it. We actually checked the weather forecast and made the dish after dinner, because it does need to chill in the refrigerator overnight.

The next afternoon, while watching an NCIS marathon on USA Network, we grabbed a couple of spoons and starting slurping away. This treat is every bit as tasty as the pictures on BuzzFeed suggest. Here’s a link to the recipe.

A couple of suggestions, if we may. Living in Southern California, we were fortunate to be able to use some picked-the-previous-day and ripened-to-perfection strawberries that we bought at a roadside stand. (Yes, you can still do that in parts of Southern California.) We think that was one key to the ultimate deliciousness of this dish.

The other was using a white wine with just a touch of sweetness. This is not a dish that calls for a big, oaky, buttery, mouthfilling Chardonnay. Instead, we used an off-dry (in other words, slightly sweet) Riesling, so as not to counteract or overshadow the other sweet ingredients.

Chilling with Gibbs, Abby, Tony, McGee, Ducky, Ziva, Director Vance and a Fruit and Wine Sorbet. A spring afternoon doesn’t get much better than that.

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