Wrapping Up Music Week With Some ‘California Stars’

I’m a bit of a music geek. I have often referred to my record, CD and, yes, cassette collection as “a down-payment on a house.” The collection is eclectic, and includes pretty much every genre of music except rap and opera.

As we conclude this music-intensive week on Vinesse Today, I thought I’d share a video with you that stars one on my all-time favorite rockers — Bob Seger. His “Night Moves” ranks among my top 10 favorite songs, but is one that he did not write.

I first heard it while living in Chicago, where I spent many of my non-work hours tracking down songs about my native California. I’ve made at least three CDs featuring songs with Golden State references, collections that back in the day would have gone onto cassettes called “mix tapes.”

Only the version I heard while living in Chicago wasn’t performed by Bob Seger; it was recorded by a band that was based in the Windy City — Wilco. That alt. rock ensemble did a great job with the song, which I figured they’d written.

It wasn’t until I heard Seger introduce the song at a live show that I learned it wasn’t written by the men from Wilco, but rather by folk legend Woody Guthrie. In fact, “California Stars” is now referred to as the most famous Woody Guthrie song that he never recorded.

Why do I share all of this trivia with you in a wine-focused blog? Because of the wine reference in the song:

I’d like to dream

My troubles all away

On a bed of California stars

Jump up from my starbed

Make another day

Underneath my California stars

They hang like grapes

On vines that shine

And warm the lovers’ glass

Like friendly wine

You can check out Bob Seger’s rendition below. It’s a great version of a great song that references two of my favorite things: California and wine.

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