At Last, Merlot Trumps Mojitos in Miami

beachcraftIt has long been a whole lot easier to get a Mojito than a good glass of Merlot in Miami.

This comes to mind because yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, something you may be commemorating today with a bowl of menudo (in case you decided drink a lot of beer rather than a glass or two of wine).

Part of the reason for wine playing second fiddle to cocktails in Miami has been a dearth of really good Italian restaurants.

But recently some friends discovered Beachcraft, located at the 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach, and shared their experience with me.

Beachcraft offers a very creative craft cocktail menu, like many restaurants in the neighborhood. But it also spotlights excellent wines — some by the glass, some by the bottle, some both.

Including Merlot? Only one of the best, made by Napa Valley’s Shafer Vineyards and priced at $135 per bottle.

You can learn more about Beachcraft here:

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Speaking of Shafer Vineyards, we will be shining the spotlight on that special winery this coming Monday.

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