The Most Interesting Woman in the World?

From her blog Winston + Lou

From her blog Winston + Lou

Now that Dos Equis has launched “The Most Interesting Man in the World” into space on a one-way trip to Mars, there is a great void in the world of charismatic, captivating and fascinating people.

Kimmie Noel to the rescue. Kimmie may just be the most interesting woman in the world, based upon the introduction that appears on her website.

“My name is Kimmie Noel and I make things,” she writes. “I live and work in West Los Angeles, California. I write a blog about adventures, recipes and projects. I throw dinner parties that bring together Los Angeles residents. I run a shop that turns every meal into a dinner party.

“I was born and raised in the idyllic northern part of San Diego,” she continues. “After high school, instead of heading to the dorms and classes of upper education, I packed my bags and headed to Europe. I traveled for a little and then settled in Granada, Spain for five months where I studied Spanish.

“I returned stateside to study Finance and Spanish at the University of Arizona for four years, with a stint in Vina Del Mar, Chile for a semester abroad. Our first night in Vina was the night of the 8.8 earthquake just outside of nearby Santiago.

“Before returning to Southern California for a position at an investment firm, I spent time in Park City, Utah skiing, hiking, and seeing as many Sundance films as possible. Currently I plan the corporate events for private clients at an investment firm in Century City.”

But that’s not all. She also produces a lavishly illustrated online magazine.

“Winston and Lou is a bi-monthly magazine that aims to bring people together around the dinner party,” Kimmie explains. “The recipes featured on our blog and in our magazine aim to help you create a delicious meal you can share with your family around the table, not keep you stuck in the kitchen. Meals are meant to be shared with those you love, not slaved over. And we want to help bring you back to the table.”

We like that idea, because the table is a great place to enjoy wine as well — even better if there’s some good food to accompany it.

So when Kimmie approached Vinesse about suggesting some wine pairing ideas for recipes featured in the new edition of Winston and Lou, how could we refuse? You can check out that issue here:

It will help deal with the permanent departure of “The World’s Most Interesting Man.”

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