Summertime Wine Essential: Combo Wine Rack and Carrier

zebagThe ZEbag is a designer wine-carrying bag that’s a versatile companion for weekend breaks, boat trips or picnics. It also can provide a stylish gift presentation when offering wine to friends.

Originally designed in France, the ZEbag has been described as “a little gem for everyone who uses and handles wine daily. It carries, stores, presents, holds and shows off. It can be used for many purposes.”

What makes it unique is that it can be transformed quickly depending on the needs: a wine rack, a portable bar, or a vertical display.

In bar mode, the bottles are accessible and easy to grasp. When fully closed, it becomes an original and secured companion to carry one’s bottles. It stores bottles horizontally at their best, open at one end and laid flat for a compact wine rack. And it can be spread out flat on a work surface, shelf or kitchen table — or hung vertically — creating a space-saving mural wine display unit.

The ZEbag comes in four colors: black, red, khaki and grey. It’s made of a durable impregnated fabric, and the side flaps are removable and can be attached or detached whenever necessary.

Each ZEbag comes with a wall rack that can be fixed to a door or wall, enabling it to be hung up.

Versatile? More so than any wine carrier I’ve ever seen. And, no, I am not an investor — just a satisfied user.

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  1. mukul chand says:

    looks nice in red

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