An Inn and a Restaurant for French Wine Lovers

madisonBecause so much of wine’s history is linked to France, that country will always hold a special place in the hearts of wine lovers.

Today, I’d like to tell you about a French inn that’s attracting foodies from around the world, and a restaurant in New York City with an amazing selection of Burgundy wines — to tide you over until you can make a trip across the pond.

Le Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez features six luxury guest rooms (each named for a Bordeaux vineyard) that combine charm, elegance and sophistication, showcasing the work of French master craftsmen.

The Bordeaux inn is home to a Joel Robuchon Restaurant that received two Michelin stars just 10 months after opening.

As if the restaurant weren’t enticing enough, guests of the inn receive a bottle of wine for which their room was named.

To learn more about Le Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez, go to:

If you need to get a few more frequent flier miles before you can head to France, there’s a fabulous restaurant in New York City that has become a magnet for lovers of Burgundy.

Dining at Eleven Madison Park is a real adventure. The restaurant features a seasonal tasting menu, focused on local ingredients, with seven to nine courses.

Presently, the price is $295 per guest, not including tax or beverages — so if you’re planning to treat friends, make sure they are very, very good friends.

Eleven Madison Park also has one of the finest lists of Burgundy wines in America, including a few by the glass.

Learn more about this special restaurant at:

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