Marking Another 50th Anniversary in Napa Valley

Branch of red wine grapesIn Wednesday’s blog, we shared some memories of Robert Mondavi Winery on the occasion of that Napa Valley estate’s 50th anniversary.

The late founder of that winery, as we know, made countless important contributions to the California wine industry. But he couldn’t have done it without people like Jose Gallegos Sr.

Gallegos did not work for Mondavi, but rather for another rather well-known Napa Valley Estate: Beringer Vineyards. On Monday, Gallegos retired from Beringer, completing a 50-year run.

Comments Gallegos made to the Napa Valley Register give you an idea of the man’s work ethic.

“I feel happy — satisfied for accomplishing the 50 years,” he said. “I feel excited because Beringer let me work that 50th year; I turned 65 last year and I could have retired, but they let me work another year.”

They LET him work another year…

Originally, as a teenager, Gallegos sought work at Beringer because that’s where his father had worked before retiring and returning to his native Mexico. There were many lonely days in those early years, and Gallegos often thought about going home. But, ultimately, he made the Napa Valley his home. Now, he has completed 50 years as a laborer, mechanic and foreman.

How did he last so long?

“I tell people to be responsible at work, and when you do something, to do it to the best of your knowledge,” he said. Simple… yet profound… advice.

Like at the Mondavi celebration, there was music at the party marking Gallegos’ retirement — provided by a seven-piece mariachi band in full regalia.

Here’s wishing Jose Gallegos Sr. a happy retirement. Beringer was lucky to have him.

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