Highly Elevated Wining and Dining in Los Angeles

71aboveEven though Southern California’s high-rise buildings have survived even the strongest earthquakes — and are designed with that very purpose in mind — I’m still a little hesitant to go inside them, let alone ascend to their highest floors.

I’m not afraid of heights. Nor do I fear earthquakes. I’ve lived through all the “big ones” in California ever since I was born in 19-none-of-your-business. But when the “really big one” finally does hit, I wouldn’t want to be on the 71st floor of a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper.

But I may have to get over that feeling now that 71 Above has opened on the 71st floor of the building at 633 W. 5th Street in downtown L.A.

71 Above is a restaurant and “skylounge” with sweeping views of Southern California. You can eat at the bar, or choose private, semi-private or not-private-at-all dining. Chef Vartan Abgaryan has created some imaginative dishes, and a three-course dinner can be had for $70. Wine or cocktail pairings can be added for $40.

The lunch menu is a bit easier on the wallet, with a two-course meal priced at $35, with wine or cocktail pairings priced at $24.

Regardless of when you dine there, its marketing phrase of “elevated dining” isn’t just referring to the restaurant’s 71st-floor perch. It’s a pricey meal, but likely one you won’t soon forget.

I heard about the restaurant on one of the L.A. morning news programs, and there’s no denying that the setting is classy and the view it provides is spectacular. But what really caught my eye during that news program was the wine display. If you love wine, you’ll want to visit 71 Above just for that photo opp.

I hope to do that one day soon… but I’ll be hoping even more that the day I choose isn’t the day that the “real big one” hits.

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