A Tasty Alternative to ‘Wining’ at Sea World

SeaWorldWineWhile the younger members of our group were waiting in line for 60 minutes to board a tube-style raft for a ride on Shipwreck Rapids, Michelle and I stood in a not-quite-so-long line to dine at Sea World’s Shipwreck Rapids restaurant.

It was a hot and muggy day in San Diego, so I stuck to a cold bottle of water for my beverage. Hydration was the No. 1 priority on a day like this.

When we finally got to the part of the line where we would place our order, I noticed that adult beverages were among the options — some run-of-the-mill beer, a few craft beers and even some mini-bottles of wine.

For a moment, I actually considered ordering the Copa  Di Vino Chardonnay — one of a line of wines-by-the-glass that actually are packaged in a glass — but then remembered that the goal was hydration, not food affinity.

So I picked up a bottle of water and order the fish fry basket — an ironic choice for a meal at Sea World, I’ll admit, but I wasn’t the one who developed the menu! — and we enjoyed a leisurely lunch while the kids sweated it out in line.

Their reward for the long wait was a good soaking from the foaming white water of the attraction’s rapids. Ours was an opportunity to rest our weary feet and plot out the schedule for the rest of the day.

Generally speaking, ordering wine at an amusement park is a hit-and-miss proposition, with “miss” winning out more often than not. The same is true at most ballparks, stadiums and arenas.

It’s a much better idea to attend a wine-focused event or, short of that, a food-focused event where wine also is featured.

With that in mind, were I planning a quick trip to San Diego this month, I’d go mid-month so I could attend ¡Latin Food Fest! Here’s some information from the event’s website…

Benefiting the Campanile Foundation’s Camp Able, ¡Latin Food Fest! brings together Latin culinary enthusiasts with chefs, restaurants, distilleries, food makers and wineries.

The four-day event includes a kick-off party, two-day ultimate tasting experience paired with culinary demonstrations, and the private chef’s dinner — so that each guest will have endless opportunities to indulge.

Taking place August 12-15 in San Diego, the fourth annual Latin culinary extravaganza will draw a diversity of attendees, all while helping to bring awareness and raise funds for the fight against hunger — for the Campanile Foundation.

The Grande Tasting will feature 150 restaurants, chefs, artisanal foods makers, and renowned wine and spirit purveyors.

To learn more about ¡Latin Food Fest! go to: latinfoodfest.com.

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