Women + Bowling + Wine = A Fun Time

Female hand holding ball before throwing in bowling clubI’m a lifelong bowler, and proud of it. I have never attended a high school reunion, but I attended a youth bowling reunion because virtually all of my childhood friends were fellow junior league bowlers. I re-connected with one of those bowlers at one such reunion and married her last October.

So, while some may have a certain opinion about bowling, you will never hear me say a bad word about it. I consider it the greatest “social sport” ever invented.

That said, once I got into wine, I had one of my worst dining-out wine experiences ever at a bowling center. I made the mistake of ordering a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, and it was served to me almost ice cold. Who knows how long that bottle had been in the bar’s refrigerator.

The fact that it was served so cold actually was a good thing, though. I had caught a glimpse of the bottle, and recognized it as one that sells for about $5 at the local pharmacy — and it’s twice the size of a “regular” 750-ml. bottle. With wine of that “quality,” having it served cold masks the off-flavors that it’s certain to possess.

So while it wasn’t exactly a mind-blowing wine experience, at least it was a thirst-quenching beverage.

Well, I’m happy to say that things are changing in the world of bowling and wine. A number of bowling center owners across the country have teamed up for ongoing promotions known as “Women Bowling With Wine.”

This is a great idea because it combines the social aspects of bowling with a very “sociable” adult beverage.

Women sign up either in pairs or as individuals, and over the next several weeks, they get together for a few games of bowling and to sample a number of different types of wine. The registration fee even includes a limited-edition high-heeled bowling shoe wine bottle stopper.

It’s not like a traditional bowling league, in which a 35-week commitment may be necessary. And the wine isn’t the kind I got when I ordered that Cab in a bowling center lo those many years ago.

It’s simply a fun way for women to do a little bowling, drink some good wine and have some fun.

The program length and cost varies by bowling center. To see if there’s a participating center near you, visit www.WomenBowlingWithWine.com.

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3 comments on “Women + Bowling + Wine = A Fun Time
  1. Barb Spigner says:

    Inquiring minds want to know–which bowling center with the cold Cab?

    • Robert Johnson says:

      I will tell you only because the center has been closed for several years – not because of the “wine incident,” but because the land had become too valuable for a bowling center. It was Rossmoor Bowl in Seal Beach, CA.

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