One More Reason to Love Lambrusco

pizza-setSo, remember last week’s blog about Lambrusco?

There’s something I forgot to tell you.

On average, Lambrusco has between 20 and 25 percent fewer calories than other wines you’re probably drinking on a regular basis.

According to the website Fat Secret, a 5-ounce glass of Cabernet Sauvignon has 123 calories. Same for Merlot. If you’re a Chardonnay person, you’re saving only one calorie per glass compared to your Cab- and Merlot-drinking friends.

If you drink another of our favorite “pizza wines,” Zinfandel, know that it contains more calories than the others: 131. That’s because Zin generally has a slightly higher alcohol level.

Indeed, alcohol is the key to Lambrusco’s lower caloric level because it’s relatively low in alcohol. On average, a 5-ounce glass of Lambrusco has just 98 calories.

So, the next time you have a slice of cheese pizza, moderate its 272 calories with a 98-calorie glass of Lambrusco — like the one included in our Pizza Pairing Collection.

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  1. You know? I love your articles so much, because you genuinely want to share your info. You’re not sharing it to show the world how much more you know about wines than the rest of us. Or at least me. Because I generally shop by price. But don’t tell anyone 🙂

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