A Good Lesson for the Presidential Candidates

Microfono tenuto in mano conferenzaWatching last night’s Vice Presidential Debate, I was struck by a sense of déjà vu.

Listening to Governor Mike Pence and Senator Tim Kaine, it took me back to past Presidential elections when, based solely on the televised debates, I would have preferred that the candidates for Vice President topped their respective tickets.

True, each of the V.P. candidates had “talking points” that they managed to slip into the conversation, but for the most part, there was less personal attacking and more policy discussion — less hyperbole, and more actual debate. I came away knowing more about what each Presidential candidate actually would do if elected.

Perhaps this coming Sunday’s second Presidential debate will follow the lead of last night’s Vice Presidential debate, and allow us to learn more about the policies than the people. That would serve all of us well.

After the first Presidential debate, I needed a stiff drink — and I don’t consume stiff drinks.

After the Vice Presidential debate, I ended the evening with a glass of nice, mellow Merlot.

This Sunday, I’m going to employ a different strategy. I’m going to pour the wine BEFORE the debate starts, and see if that helps my perception of the candidates.

That said, I have a warning for Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump: If you fail to focus on policy, I’ll be switching over to the Packers-Giants game.

I keep my politics to myself, but when it comes to football… Go, Pack, Go!

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