I Love Kids… Just Not in Wine Country

Glass with red wineOver the years, I can recall a few wineries that made attempts at becoming “kid-friendly.” There may still be a few around.

But for the most part, those policies went the way of “kid-friendly” Las Vegas. (Remember the big amusement park on the backside of the MGM Grand?)

Here’s the deal: A place where the star attraction is wine simply isn’t a place that you should expect to cater to kids, let alone allow them in the tasting rooms.

Please don’t think I’ve suddenly been transformed into some mean old man. I’m still the nice wine blogger you’ve come to know and love. But just as you wouldn’t take a child to a 21-and-over nightclub, you shouldn’t take him or her to a place that is in business to sell adult beverages.

Adult environments should remain just that: adult environments.

Need another reason to leave the kids at home? In wine country, there is nothing for them to do. They will be bored to death. And as all parents know, bored kids are no fun to be around.

So, when planning your next trip to wine country, also plan some fun activities for your kids — at home, with a trusted relative or friend.

The winery owners, tasting room personnel and your fellow wine country visitors will thank you.

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