Test Your Knowledge of Sparkling Wine

spkBefore you know it, corks will be popping, froth will be flying and the season of celebrations will be in full swing.

While sparkling wine makes a refreshing beverage choice at any time of the year — not to mention a superb companion to sushi and somewhat spicy cuisine — most of it is consumed during the last six weeks of any given year. Holiday celebrations and sparkling wine are seemingly inseparable.

So, with those celebrations just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to give a little sparkling wine quiz. There are no prizes (boo!), but at the same time, there are no penalties (yay!) — just an opportunity to test your knowledge about where some of the different “designations” of sparkling wine come from.

I’ll start with a list of wines, each coded with a numeral, and then provide a list of countries, each coded with a letter. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to match up the numerals and the letters — that is, the wines with the countries where they are made.

Ready, class? Begin…

  1. Anjou Mousseux
  2. Cava
  3. Champagne
  4. Cremant d’Alsace
  5. Cremant d’Luxembourg
  6. Espumante
  7. Moscato
  8. Prosecco
  9. Sekt
  10. Sparkling Wine

    A. Australia
    B. Canada
    C. Chile
    D. France
    E. Germany
    F. Italy
    G. Luxembourg
    H. Portugal
    I. Spain
    J. United States

Everyone finished? Okay, please put down your smartpens, and let’s see how you did. Here are the answers:

1 — D

2 — I

3 — D

4 — D

5 — G

6 — H

7 — F

8 — F

9 — E

10 — A, C and J

Well, how did you do? If you scored 100, consider yourself a sparkling wine savant. If you got a few wrong, there’s only one thing to do: study more! The sparkling wines featured in this Sparkling Wine sampler make exceptional study buddies.

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