5 Ways to Commemorate National Zinfandel Day

Old Vines SonomaWe are less than two weeks away from National Zinfandel Day.

The special day for California’s special wine is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16.

Here is what it’s all about, according to the folks at the Zinfandel Advocates and Producers (otherwise known as ZAP):

“Bold and celebratory, independent and unpretentious, versatile and individual, Zinfandel has charted a course all its own, and National Zinfandel Day offers many ways for our members to chart their own course to help celebrate and draw positive attention for America’s Heritage grape.”

I’m not a ZAP member myself, but I can think of five ways to commemorate National Zinfandel Day. Each begins by opening a bottle of Zinfandel and then…

  1. Broiling a steak. Grilling season has ended in many parts of the country, but I actually prefer broiling a steak. While we may sacrifice some of the flavor of the “char,” we gain in the juiciness of the meat — and a broiled steak pairs perfectly with Zinfandel.
  1. Ordering a pizza. Pepperoni would certainly do, but even better would be California Pizza Kitchen’s version of a Margherita pizza, with extra virgin olive oil, burrata cheese, torn basil, fresh oregano, fresh arugula, prosciutto, fresh tomato and pesto.
  1. Preparing curried pork and squash. It’s a flavorful single-skillet dish that pairs beautifully with the juicy, peppery style of Zinfandel.
  1. Starting to re-read “Angel’s Visits.” Hard to believe, but it was 25 years ago that David Darlington’s book, subtitled, “An Inquiry Into the Mystery of Zinfandel,” was released. The book looks into the history of the variety, and also profiles several of the top Zin makers of the era.
  1. Pouring two glasses — one for me, and one for the Mrs. Like all wines, Zinfandel somehow tastes better when it’s enjoyed with someone else, especially a special someone else.

Now, it’s just a matter of figuring out which Zinfandel to open come November 16.

Decisions, decisions…

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