Why It’s Time to Start Your Holiday Wine Shopping

Wicker basket with bottlesThere was a time when I believed that it didn’t make sense to give wine to a wine lover unless you knew EXACTLY what type of wine they liked.

Then my opinion evolved to the idea that it was okay to give wine to a wine lover, but it needed to be something really special — and in the world of wine, special can equate with super expensive.

Today, older and presumably wiser, I have evolved to yet another way of thinking. Rather than giving a wine lover just one bottle of ultra-expensive wine, spend the same amount of money on three or four really good bottles.

Here is the logic behind my reasoning: Wine lovers like to drink wine. So why not allow them to have three or four wonderful wine-drinking experiences — each of which will remind them of you and your generosity — instead of just one?

For an even more impressive gift, place those bottles in a basket and toss in a chunk of cheese, a box of crackers, and a box of chocolates. My favorite brand when it comes to chocolate: Cailler.

The holiday season will be here before you know it. I know this because all of the Halloween goodies are gone and the Christmas items are up at my neighborhood Walgreens. So the time to start your holiday gift planning is now.

If there’s a wine lover on your list, I truly believe that three or four bottles will be appreciated more than one. You can begin shopping here.

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