Stress-Free Holiday Wine Shopping

Holiday shopping using laptop computer, photographed against christmas tree lightsA buddy of mine — in the fact, the man who officiated at our wedding last fall — has the shopping gene.

He could spend all day at Costco, and then he could spend all evening regaling you with a list of all the cool things he found, not to mention all of their special features.

I, on the other hand, do not have the shopping gene. That’s not to say I’m not a good shopper. In fact, as a single Dad raising a beautiful daughter back in the 1980s and early ’90s, we got by on a freelance writer’s income largely by learning how to coupon. With the exception of fresh fruit and vegetables, we didn’t buy anything unless we had a coupon for it or it was on sale.

Now that “the kid” is grown and has kids of her own, and now that my household has two incomes instead of one, we have been known to fill two baskets in a single trip to the store — but I still couldn’t tell you all the special features of the things we buy.

I guess I’m thinking about shopping today because the biggest shopping day of the year, known as “Black Friday,” is just two days away. And it will be crazier than usual this year because more and more businesses are embracing traditional customs and giving their employees the day off on Thanksgiving.

If you enjoy getting up super early… on a day you could be sleeping in… to take advantage of those “door-buster specials,” and if you enjoy fighting for a parking space while hoping the item you’re shopping for isn’t already sold out, I say: Go for it!

Me? Because I have so many “wine friends,” I’ll be doing a good chunk of shopping from the comfort of my own couch recliner on the Vinesse website gifts section. I also plan to buy a case of Pinot Noir and then gift a bottle or two to my local “wine friends,” knowing that the Vinesse tasting panel has given each selection their seal of approval.

I also love the idea that each bottle of Vinesse wine is accompanied by its own “Tasting Notes” — telling the story of the wine’s origin, the aromas and flavors you can expect to experience, how long it can be cellared, and more.

I know my buddy with the shopping gene would love that, too.

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