Get Social With Wine and Wineopoly

wineopolyPretty much every life experience I can think of is enhanced when it is shared.

It’s even true in sports. There are numerous sports that have both individual and team competition components. Ask an athlete whether they’d rather win an individual medal or trophy, or one that’s shared by the entire team, and they’ll almost always opt for the team prize.

I feel the same way about wine. While it’s certainly possible to enjoy a glass of vino while reading a book, watching TV or (perhaps not a great idea) balancing a check book, wine drinking is enhanced when the experience is shared.

How it’s shared can take numerous forms. It could be part of a romantic evening with a Significant Other. It could help transform a meal with friends into a culinary experience. It’s perfect for commemorating special occasions.

Now, there’s a way to enhance the social aspect of wine and extend the enjoyment. It’s a game called Wineopoly, and it’s similar in many ways to another board game whose name also ends in “opoly.”

Wineopoly can be played by two as part of a stay-at-home date on a cold winter night, or enjoyed by a couple of couples in a friendly competition — perhaps with a nice bottle of wine as the prize.

Either way, Wineopoly is a lot of fun. The only question is: Which game piece will you choose? The choices are a wine bottle, cork, wine glass, cheese, grapes and a carafe.

I’m not sure what each piece conveys about a person, but I’m certain your fellow player or players will be happy to offer their perceptions.

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