Malbec: Easy-Drinking, Spicy Pleasure in a Glass

malbecMalbec had always played a supporting role in the great red blends of Bordeaux, but during the 20th century, its role had steadily diminished to the point that many French estates were no longer including it in their blends. Then, something AMAZING happened…

Late in the 20th century, the wine industry in Argentina made a new commitment to quality and both growers and winemakers found that Malbec grown there could be transformed into easy-drinking, fruitful, spicy wines that are pure pleasure to drink.

It took about a decade, but once all the new plantings of Malbec were producing wine-quality fruit, Argentina had its own vinous superstar — much like those red blends of Bordeaux. Today, Malbec is the most widely planted red grape in Argentina, and that country’s leading variety. Talk about a Comeback Kid!

But as this Malbec collection demonstrates, world-class bottlings of Malbec are not restricted to Mendoza. Some pretty tasty renditions like the 2014 Big DeVine Red Blend are being crafted in Washington state as well, in part because there are microclimates there that mirror the Mendoza growing region of Argentina.

Black cherry, blackberry, roasted plum and black raspberry are among the fruit flavors that Malbec delivers, often accompanied by impressions of cocoa, chocolate, caramel and/or licorice… along with an engaging, subtle spiciness.

Whether it’s from Mendoza or Washington, Malbec delivers an abundance of drinking pleasure. It truly is the wine world’s Comeback Kid.

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