Make Your Holiday Dinners Outstanding with Perfect Wine Pairings

holidayIn case you missed it, Sunday was National Cookie Day, and with Christmas quickly approaching, it won’t be long until we receive our annual gingerbread cookie shipment from my big brother.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

When that package arrives, it will be time to break out a bottle of Moscato.

Moscato is a great pairing partner not only for gingerbread cookies, but for almost sugary cookie. Gingerbread works especially well because its sweet spiciness mingles so nicely with the light sweetness of the wine.

Now that we’ve discussed the holiday dessert, let’s talk about main courses — turkey and ham.

With turkey, nothing beats Chardonnay, especially those made in a creamy or buttery style —like these two from the Russian River Valley of California’s Sonoma County:

With ham, I prefer wines with ample acidity (to tame the saltiness of the meat), bold fruit flavors and a kiss of sweetness. Riesling, rosé-style wines and Grenache can be matches made in heaven.

A few personal favorites:

Of course, if you don’t have time to pick and choose, Vinesse has put together everything you need for delicious, traditional holiday pairings in their annually popular Holiday Collection. Try these holiday pairings, and prepare for lots of holiday cheer.

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