Why We Just Can’t Get Enough of Argentina’s Wines

argentineIt has been barely a decade-and-a-half since wines from Argentina began to show up in the United States in quantities large enough to be noticed by anyone but collectors.

Since then, they’ve become hugely popular thanks mainly to one variety: Malbec.

Whereas earlier 20th-century versions of Malbec were very big and very bold, today’s are much more user-friendly — lower in alcohol, more elegant and extremely food-friendly.

In fact, when it comes to Argentine asado  — the perfect marriage of fire, grill and beef — there is no better wine choice than Malbec.

Why? Because its fruitful quality balances out the char imparted to the meat. The 2013 Hugo Durigutti “HD” Malbec is a perfect asado pairing partner.

Another reason to love the wines of Argentina: Some of that country’s vintners craft engaging rosé-style renditions of Malbec, like the 2014 Belasco de Baquedano Rosé. It provides all the wonderful fruit flavors we’ve come to expect from Malbec in a bright, refreshing style.

And for those who prefer white wines, Argentina has a signature variety that is easy to love: Torrontes.

The 2016 vintage (Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere, where the seasons are reversed) from Anko is a wonderful example of the variety’s floral and fruitful style that complements seafood wonderfully.

You can enjoy a number of excellent Argentine wines from top vineyards in and around Mendoza in this year’s Argentine Reds collection on sale while supplies last.  It’s popular every year so don’t delay if you’re looking for a fine set of wines at a good value.

Food-friendly… unique varieties… diverse styles. No wonder the wines of Argentina have made such an impact on American palates.

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