Why the Grocery Store Is the Last Place You Want to Shop for Champagne

woman choosing and shopping wine at supermarketThe headline says it all. Here are four reasons you’re much better off putting your trust in the Champagne experts:

  1. Most grocery stores stock their wines standing up.

They age more gracefully when laid on their side.

  1. Most grocery stores are brightly lit.

Bright light can damage wines. If the wine aisle receives any direct sunlight, it’s even worse.

  1. You don’t know whether the bottle has been harshly shaken.

You know that little child who pushes all the floor-number buttons in an elevator? That same child would take great glee in shaking a bottle of Champagne, which could damage the bubbly liquid inside.

  1. There rarely is much variety.

The world of sparkling wine is vast and full of delicious unique flavors.  Grocery stores are great about stocking tired old standards, but when you want to pour something that will impress your guests and your taste buds, it’s time to look to experts.

If you want to be guaranteed that the Champagne you’re buying is of the utmost quality, you’re much better off procuring it from shops that make finding great wines their priority.

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