How to Open a Bottle of Champagne — Safely

ChampagneWe want you to have not only a festive and fun New Year’s Eve, but also a safe one.

A bottle of Champagne — whether it’s a vintage wine like the floral, fruitful and fresh 2009 Cristal by Louis Roederer or the rich and bubbly multi-vintage Brut Tradition from Champagne Delavenne Père & Fils — has a lot of pressure under the cork that seals the bottle.

Specifically, 70 to 90 pounds per square inch, or about three times the pressure in a typical set of tires.

That’s why opening a bottle of Champagne must be approached with care.

Step by step, here’s how to remove a Champagne cork safely:

  1. Remove the foil on the top of the bottle.
  1. Slowly “unwind” the wire “cage” handle.
  1. As you remove the cage, quickly place a hand towel on top of the cork.
  1. While gently pressing down, slowly twist the cork. Note: You need to press down in order to counter the pressure of the bubbles inside the bottle.
  1. Keep holding the cork with the towel while it comes out of the bottle’s neck.

Instead of a loud “pop,” you’ll instead hear a gentle “poof,” and the wine will be ready to pour.

Safely… bubbly… and deliciously.

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