4 Wine Reasons to Look Forward to 2017

Champagne sparkling wine for silvester partyI’ve been looking forward to 2017 for a lot of reasons, and at least four of them have to do with wine…

1. It should be a great year for Pinot Noir.

As this outstanding Pinot Noir collection demonstrates, Pinot Noir is primed for a big year in 2017, with many wineries releasing their 2014 or 2015 vintages.

Whether it’s fruit-forward and savory rendition from the variety’s historic home of France, like the 2015 La Vielle Courette … a bright and juicy style from California, like the 2014 vintage from Nu Wines … or an outstanding example from America’s Pinot Noir capital of Oregon, like the 2015 OTWC … our tasting panel members are practically salivating over the wines they’ll be evaluating.

When it comes to Pinot Noir, 2017 could be a case of “so much wine, so little time.”

2. More bubbly.

Whether it’s traditional Champagne from France, Italian Prosecco, Spanish Cava, or sparkling wines from California, other U.S. states, Argentina, New Zealand and Canada, there is some serious sparkle in our future this year.

3. More wine-focused restaurants.

There have always been lots of restaurants with award-winning wine lists. Wine Spectator magazine honors the best of the best each year. But in recent years, more and more chefs are “designing” their menus with wine in mind — developing creative dishes and suggesting a wine or two to serve with them.

4. More wines from Portugal besides “just” Port.

I love ending a meal with a small glass of Port in lieu of dessert — or, if I’m feeling really decadent, alongside a dish of crème brulee. But in 2017, I think we’ll be seeing more Vinho Verde from Portugal in the marketplace. It’s light, bright, crisp and a fabulous companion to seafood.

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