4 Wine Resolutions Everyone Should Embrace

large red ripe grapes and wine on the natural backgroundFor many years, I made New Year’s Resolutions and rarely kept them beyond a few weeks.

Then I went through a period of not making resolutions.

In recent years, I’ve been making some again, and I’ve found that the ones I’ve been able to keep typically revolve around wine.

Here are a few “wine resolutions” we all should embrace for 2017…

1. Resolve to plan one meal per week around a specific bottle of wine.

Nothing’s more satisfying than enjoying a dish and a glass of vino that complement one another. It’s also fun to cook a meal with a particular wine in mind. My favorite varieties for food pairing are Pinot Noir among reds and Sauvignon Blanc among whites. Pinot Noir pairs beautifully with both red-meat dishes and salmon, while Sauvignon Blanc is my go-to variety for seafood and vegetarian fare.

2. Resolve to try new and different wines.

When dining out, don’t automatically order a glass or bottle of Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. Dig a little deeper through the wine list to find something you’ve not had before, and don’t be shy about asking the sommelier or server for advice.

3. Resolve to visit California “wine country.”

No matter where your travels in the Golden State may take you, you’re not far from a memorable wine-tasting experience.

4. Resolve to trust your palate.

Ultimately, only YOU can decide what types of wine you like. You never have to apologize for your preferences; instead, embrace them, and seek out wines that will satisfy them.

Happy New Year… and happy wine adventures!

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