3 Great Reasons to Stock Up on Syrah While You Can

syrahMore and more, it’s looking like it’s going to be a long winter.

For that reason alone, this is a perfect time to stock up on Syrah, the wine that goes by the name of Shiraz in Australia.

But there are other reasons as well…

  1. It’s the wine of winter.

Let’s deal with the season reason first. Syrah is a full-bodied wine that is perfect for sipping on a cold winter day when you want nothing more than to cozy up to a fireplace with a good book. With its mild spice component, it also pairs perfectly with hearty stews and flavorful soups such as my personal favorite, beef barley.

  1. It’s the wine of summer.

Wait, didn’t I just say that Syrah is the wine of winter? Yes. But because of its dark fruit flavors, it’s also a wonderful pairing partner for barbecue fare, as well as for pizzas that include sliced olives among the toppings. When it’s once again time to fire up the grill, or to enjoy a tasty treat fresh the pizza oven, Syrah is a great wine choice.

  1. Syrah is ready to enjoy now, but can age well for several years.

I’ve never been a big proponent of aging wines for long periods of time, because we never know what tomorrow may bring. That said, Syrah offers the best of both worlds: You can open a bottle and enjoy it with tonight’s dinner, or lay it down for several months or a few years and savor it later.

So, the time has come to stock up on this full-bodied, food-friendly, delicious wine. The Aussie Shiraz & More Collection includes two selections from Down Under and one from Italy — each unique, each packed with enticing dark fruit flavors, and each built for wintertime… or anytime… sipping.

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