TMZ Says Wine Is on the Way from Lady Gaga

Champagne Cork PoppingBased on her performance during half-time of Sunday’s Super Bowl game, one could get the impression that Lady Gaga is capable of pretty much anything.

And that would include making wine, according to TMZ.

“Grigio Girls” was a bonus track on Gaga’s 2016 album called “Joanne.” It was dedicated to a friend who has cancer, and told the story of how a circle of friends would get together, crack open a bottle of wine, and cry for her.

The chorus of the song:

All the Pinot, Pinot Grigio girls
Gather ’round now
Watch your blues turn gold
All the Pinot, Pinot Grigio girls
Keep it real cold
’Cause it’s a fired up world

Now, TMZ says “Grigio Girls” will be the label for a line of wines, wine coolers, wine cocktails and wine punches.

Although not confirmed, TMZ adds, “We’re guessing Pinot Grigio will be the flagship product.”

While we’re waiting for Lady Gaga’s project to officially launch, we’ll be drinking three Pinot Grigio wines from Italy that are outstanding renditions of the variety, all from the 2015 vintage.

The Viaggiatore showcases lemon, lime, green apple and melon notes, and is a wonderful companion to fresh shellfish or oysters mignonette.

The Ca Solare is floral, crisp, fresh and fruitful, and pairs perfectly with lemon-herb chicken.

And the Avito is packed with honeyed fruit flavors; it’s the wine to pour when serving pasta with a white sauce.

How good will Gaga’s wines be? We can’t wait to find out, especially if they’re as good as her Super Bowl performance. Meanwhile, the Viaggiatore, Ca Solare and Avito bottlings could be considered benchmark examples of Pinot Grigio, and certainly worth emulating.

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