How to Get Great Deals on Boutique Wines

Midsection Of Customer Holding Wine BottleEverybody loves a good deal. Hey, I’ve been known to spend $3 on gas to save $2 on groceries.

When I’m looking for a great deal on boutique wines — wines that are always priced lower than retail, if they’re even available at retail — I don’t have to get in the car. I just power up my trusty laptop and check out the latest offers from Vinesse.

I’ve really come to love the exclusive samplers because they get my creative juices flowing.


Quintessential Classic Reds

For example, the Quintessential Classic Reds collection gave me three different wines (and two bottles of each!) that have made me prepared for virtually any dining or hosting occasion.


Succulent Whites and Lights

I absolutely love the Succulent Whites and Lights collection because all three wines (two bottles of each) can be enjoyed as aperitifs or served with food.

Check out the samplers. I know you’ll find something you’ll absolutely love.

Another great way to stock up and save is with Vinesse Grab Bags. These are six-bottle samplers that may be ordered in one of three ways: white wines only, red wines only, or a mix of red and white. These are wines that are in such limited quantities that they can’t be featured in other offers — and you won’t believe the price.

And finally, Vinesse has a great email newsletter called Cyber Circle that lets you know about very special deals on very limited wines, enabling you to save significant dollars with exclusive online deals.

Ready for a good wine deal? With the Vinesse Wine Samplers, Grab Bags and Cyber Circle offers, great deals are just a few keystrokes away.

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