The Under-Experienced Beauty of Black Muscat

bellaYou’ve no doubt heard of Riesling, the delightful wine that’s most commonly associated with Germany.

You may even have heard of Torrontes, the alluringly floral wine of Argentina.

However, you may not have heard of Black Muscat, which is part of the big Muscat family of wine grapes.

Black Muscat is known as Moscato di Amburgo in Italy, and that’s where Craig Reed first encountered the variety. Now, after making Moscato wines in a number of styles for more than two decades, Reed is known as “the godfather of American Moscato,” and his Moscato Bella is an absolutely delightful rendition of Black Muscat.

Not everyone drinks dry wine. Even dry wine lovers like to experience a touch of sweetness in their glass every so often. Black Muscat is a delicious departure from the norm, and Reed makes his Moscato Bella in a lightly effervescent style that makes it even more difficult to resist.

Black Muscat is one of those lightly sweet wines that is extremely versatile.

If you’re a cheese fan, it’s a wonderful pairing partner for Gorgonzola or goat cheese.

If you have a sweet tooth (as I do), try pairing it with a slice of classic New York-style cheesecake (as a substitute for a fruit topping). You can also pour it over French vanilla ice cream for a simple sweet treat.

Whenever I travel, I try to find time to visit a few local wineries. I’ve enjoyed Black Muscat at wineries in Texas and Virginia, and they were good. But so far, nothing has come close to Craig Reed’s Moscato Bella Black Muscat.

Give it a try, or even better, pick up two bottles of it as part of the six-bottle Succulent Whites and Lights collection that also includes an outstanding Riesling and a wonderful Torrontes.

Try Moscato Bella once, and you’ll become an instant fan of the under-experienced variety known as Black Muscat.

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