It’s Okay to Blush: The Enduring Appeal of Rosé Wines

Do you have a guilty pleasure? I have a few, and one of them is rosé wine.

Truly, I shouldn’t feel guilty about it at all, because a nice glass (or two) of rosé on a warm spring or hot summer day provides just as much pleasure as a glass of (more “stylish”) Cabernet Sauvignon with a thick, juicy steak.

The Delicate and Delightful Rosés Collection proves my point. These are wines that quench my thirst while treating my taste buds to a wide array of enticing fruit flavors, most notably strawberry.

Rosé wines got a bad rap when they were lumped in the same category as White Zinfandel, which is a much sweeter wine made in a much different way. Most rosé wines range from bone dry to lightly sweet, which means they make not only exceptional quaffing wines, but also sublime companions to food.

The range of flavors experienced stems from the fact that rosé wines are not restricted to any region or any grape variety. The three wines featured in the Delicate and Delightful Rosés Collection come from three different countries and are made from a total of six different grape varieties.

The 2016 Seacrest Rosé hails from the Central Coast region of California, and is a 50:50 blend of Sangiovese and Malbec.

The 2016 Coeur de Cardeline Rosé comes from one of the style’s strongholds, the Provence region of France. Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah — three of the grapes used in crafting the exceptional red cuvees of Provence — were utilized in making this light and lovely wine.

And the 2015 Miguel Torres Santa Digna Reserva Rosé is made entirely from Cabernet Sauvignon.

As the weather warms up, these will be my go-to wines. They’re great for sipping, wonderful with picnic fare and a nice complement to barbecued food.

And when I’m in the mood for a double-guilty pleasure, I’ll pour a glass to enjoy with a slice of strawberry shortcake.

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