What Do You Pair With Blue Wine?

I admit it: When it comes to sparkling wine, I’m a traditionalist. I prefer the type of bubbly featured in the Entertainer’s Fantasy Sparkling Collection — a Blanc de Blancs from France… a Rosé from Italy… a Brut from Spain.

That said, I must acknowledge another type of “bubbly” that I’ve seen being served lately.

Its maker describes it as an “aromatized wine-based cocktail.”

Reminiscent of sparkling wine but not so by legal definition, it also is described as “a velvety, seductive and sweet bubbly drink.”

But what makes this “not really a wine” drink especially unusual is its color: blue.

And whether you view it in its Prosecco-style bottle or in a wine glass, it is a sight to behold.

It is called Blumond, it’s made in Italy, and it’s sealed with a traditional Champagne cork — so, when you open it, the “pop” sends a message to your brain that something special is about to happen.

I’ve seen it described as “a perfect girls’ night out beverage,” but that sounds a bit sexist to me. If it tastes good, all of us should be able to enjoy it, right?

And it apparently does taste good — “deliciously fruity,” according to its maker, not to mention “sweet, refreshing and light” because its alcohol level is only about 7 percent.

While Blumond functions nicely as an aperitif, I think it would be fun to try to put together an “all blue” meal. Here’s one possibility:

  • Appetizer — A plate of assorted blue cheeses.
  • Main Course — Spicy Bluefin tuna and mango skewers, served with olive oil, roasted eggplant (which I admit is more purple than blue) and lemon.
  • Dessert — A blueberry tart with a ginger crust, topped with a scoop of blueberry gelato.

Given the sparkling nature of Blumond, it should pair nicely with all three courses.

But it really is more of a sipping beverage — again, not a wine by legal definition — so I’ll probably be sticking with my Blanc de Blancs, Rosé and Brut sparklers.

Old habits die hard, especially when they are delicious habits.

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