How to Host the Perfect Summer Barbecue

Don’t let anyone tell you differently: You can’t host a classy barbecue for neighbors, co-workers, family and/or friends without wine.

Yes, BBQ-and-beer have been “a thing” for eons. But if you really want to impress your peeps with your grilling skills, you also need wine.

Here’s a 10-step guide to hosting a barbecue that will blow your guests’ minds — especially those who were expecting hamburgers and hot dogs.


  1. Procure these two wine samplers from Vinesse:
  1. Visit your favorite supermarket or independent butcher and purchase a number of medium-sized steaks — the number to match your guest list.
  2. Purchase a number of veggies and lettuce types from the produce department so you can create a self-serve salad bar. (Any vegetarians on your guest list get to “pass the line.”)
  3. Stop by your local cheese shop and pick up nine types of cheese — three mild, three medium and three strong. You want to have something for everyone.
  4. Next stop: the bakery. Buy some “crusty” bread to go with the cheese.
  5. On barbecue day, set up three “stations” inside the house — salad bar, cheese trays, and wine bar. Pre-cut the bread and cheese into small pieces, and have plenty of toothpicks on hand so guests don’t have to pick up the cheese with their fingers.
  6. Open all six different types of wine from the “Rich, Rockin’ BBQ Wines” and “Incredible Blends Meant for Cheese” collections, and place lots of wine glasses next to them. You may even want to place a placard by the bottles and glasses reading, “Please Serve Yourself.”
  7. Also have plenty of bottled water and juices on hand for those not drinking. (It’s also a good idea for those who are drinking to also consume water.)
  8. Have guests order steaks to their desired doneness at the grill outside.
  9. Set up most of the folding chairs and other seating outside. That way, should anyone spill, your carpet will emerge from the party non-stained.


By serving steaks, salad, a selection of cheeses and six different wines, your guests will never think the same way about a barbecue again.

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