7 Reasons Why Australia’s Wines Are Must-Tries Right Now

I could list about 59 reasons why now is a great time to discover the outstanding wines of Australia. Really… I could.

But your time is limited and my fingers are already tired from a long day of typing, so let’s keep the list to seven…

  1. It’s hot, and Australia produces some of the most refreshing white wines in the world, as demonstrated by the Breathtaking Aussie Whites Collection.

Summer runs from December to February in Australia, which means Down Under wine lovers already have taste-tested and approved the medium-bodied and delicious Chardonnay, the crisp and fruitful Sauvignon Blanc, and the aromatic and alluring Verdelho in the collection.

Now, it’s your turn — ready to enjoy throughout the sizzling North American summer. These are refreshing wines with unique (and palate-pleasing) flavors that will keep you coming back for more all summer long… and well beyond.

  1. Australia’s red wines are packed with personality — as you’ll discover in the Massive Aussie Reds Collection.

Riverina, Big Rivers and the Barossa Valley may not be as famous as Bordeaux, Burgundy and Chateauneuf du Pape, but just like their French counterparts, these Aussie growing regions are producing exciting red wines.

Packed with fruit-forward, lip-smacking flavors, the Massive Reds collection includes a jammy and spicy Shiraz, a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon, and a palate-pleasing three-variety cuvee… which leads us to the third reason now is a great time to give Australian wines a try…

  1. The country is home to some of the most creative winemakers in the world — men and women who are not afraid to experiment with cutting-edge cellar techniques or unusual blends.
  2. It’s a place where “Old World” and “New World” converge. While the winemakers embrace modernity, in many cases, they’re working with grapes grown on some of the oldest vines in the world.
  3. There are 60-plus wine regions in Australia, which means there is an amazing array of diverse climates.
  4. There are 150-plus unique grape varieties grown in Australia — giving those creative winemakers a vast number of choices for both varietal wines and cuvees.
  5. They taste great. And that may be the most important reason of all.
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  1. Daniel Herrera says:

    Great Article, Aussie wines are hot right now.

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