Italy’s Most Beloved White Wines

Okay, let’s play “fill in the blank.” Ready? Here goes…

Real Italians ________________________________________.

I know quite a few “real Italians,” so I have a bevy of potential “blank fillers.” But this is a wine blog, so I’m thinking specifically of wine.

My answer: “Real Italians don’t worry about drinking wine from fancy stemmed glasses. A simple tumbler will suffice.”

That’s especially true of white wines, like those found in the Vinesse collection known as Italy’s Greatest Whites.

In Italy… or among “real Italians” anywhere in the world… drinking wine is not about making an impression. It’s not even about letting the wine “breathe” via swirling in a traditional stemmed glass.

It’s primarily about conviviality — sharing conversation and catching up with the latest news with family and friends. Often, it’s also one “ingredient” in a hearty meal that was prepared using family recipes that have been passed down for generations.

For these occasions, “Italy’s Greatest Whites” make excellent choices.

I like to call Pinot Grigio “the Chardonnay of Italy,” based on its popularity. This collection includes an excellent rendition from Viaggiatore that pairs beautifully with fresh shellfish or oysters mignonette.

There’s also a crisp and bright bottle of a variety that dates back centuries: Falanghina. Scoperta’s rendition has an alluring floral aroma and an array of citrus and tropical fruit flavors.

And you don’t necessarily need a food-pairing partner for the third wine in this collection, a fresh and frothy Prosecco — Italy’s version of Champagne — from Il Cortile Sereno. Personally, I like to drink it with prosciutto and melon slices, but it also makes a delicious aperitif.

I know, I know: Italy is more commonly associated with red wines. So if you’d prefer to “drink red,” Vinesse also has a wonderful collection called Essential Italian Reds.

Yes, it’s okay to drink those wines from tumblers, too.

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