Creating the Perfect Wine Meal

How do you like to enjoy wine? If you’re like me, the answer can be summed up in two words: with food.

The culinary experience can be as simple as a cheese platter or a dessert tray… or as “gourmand-ish” as a full meal that calls for rich, hearty red wines.

Regardless of which experience sounds most enticing… you have come to the right place!

Human palates have been delighted by the combination of wine and cheese for centuries, and the Rich, Regal, Cheese-Pairing Reds Collection from Vinesse honors that tradition with three exceptional wines that make fabulous companions to an array of cheeses.

Since the wine-and-cheese pairing tradition began in Europe, it’s only appropriate that the collection includes two wines from Europe’s top two wine-producing countries — France and Italy.

Pick up some of your favorite types of cheese, then mix and match them with the wines in the collection. I bet you’ll find a new combination that just may become your favorite.

If you believe that life is short so dessert should be eaten first, check out the Sweet Summer Sensations Collection. Yes, fall begins in less than a month, but these are wines that can be enjoyed throughout the year when you pair them delectable desserts.

For instance, the 2014 Moscato Bella Black Muscat would be an inspired choice to serve with a light chocolate mousse.

A fresh fruit salad would pair perfectly with the Califortune “Grand Cuvee” sparkling wine.

And with the 2014 Mariposa Orange Muscat, a nectarine and mascarpone tart with a gingersnap crust would make a sumptuous end to a meal.

But if the meal before the dessert is your focus, then check out the Fabulous Food-Friendly Dinner Wines Collection . It’s a meticulously curated selection of wines that provide the right balance of complementary aromas, flavors and textures, guaranteed to elevate everything from simple casseroles to your own signature dishes for a truly magical culinary treat.

Cheese? Check. Desserts? Check. Dinner? Check.

No matter what you’re planning to eat, Vinesse has a wine collection to elevate the experience.

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