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Organic/Biodynamic Farming and Its Effect on Wine

Nobody completely agrees on the “definition” of organic framing. A good way to think of it is the embracement of policies and procedures that are not harmful to Mother Earth. Those who embrace organic farming believe that when you take

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Before You Pour… Is a Coravin Needed?

There’s a “process” that occurs each time we open a bottle of wine. It’s called aeration and, simply stated, it’s when wine that has been stored in a sealed bottle meets an influx of oxygen for the first time since

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Our Love Affair With Pinot Noir: It’s All About Flavor

Critics who praise the “complexity” of red Burgundy and Champagne are absolutely, 100-percent on target. A few years ago, a team of French and Italian researchers mapped the genome of the Pinot Noir grape, used to make bubbly and many

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’Tis the Season for Pumpkin Risotto and Pinot Gris

PSL + LTO = $$$ How many of the abbreviations do you know in that equation? We all know that the “answer” is money — and because there are three dollar signs, we can presume that we’re talking about a

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