Halloween Candy and Wine Pairing


The spookiest day of the year is a week away. Anyone who has kids goes through a progression of life experiences related to this “holiday.”

It begins with dressing up the real little ones in outfits they’d never select themselves if they had a say in the matter, and sharing pictures on Facebook. (This is the modern version of including a picture with your annual holiday greeting card.)

As the kids get older, they pick out their own costumes, often highly influenced by the hottest pop culture phenomenon of the moment, and go out trick-or-treating with Mom or Dad following close behind. The kids’ primary goal is to collect as much candy as possible.

Once the kids are really too old to go out on Halloween, they insist on going out on their own — with a group of like-minded friends. Here, the goal isn’t so much to collect candy (although that’s still a factor), but simply to be out of the house with friends after dark.

Once the kids no longer need a chaperone for their trick-or-treating, we parents are relegated to handing out candy at home. The constant doorbell ringing and brain-jarring hollers of “Trick or treat!” can be mitigated, to some degree, by a good glass of wine.

My suggestion is to open a bottle of your favorite Vinesse wine, and then raid your own candy jar for something to munch while you sip.

Wine with candy? As long as you like the wine (which is a given) and the candy, why not?

Here are five “pairings” that members of the Vinesse tasting panel have experienced over the years…

With Skittles, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Kit Kat, the wines selected have complementary flavors. With 3 Musketeers, the pairing is intended to not overwhelm the silky smoothness of the candy. And with the Hot Tamales, the wine selection helps tame the spiciness — just as you’d drink Riesling with spicy Asian fare.

The Halloween countdown is on. Are you stocked up on candy… and wine?

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