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Wine Clubs and Wine Samplers Make Great Gifts

I survived Black Friday. Barely. Every year, I swear I will stay at home on the biggest shopping day of the year, thus not having to fight for a parking space and deal with wild-eyed shoppers. And every year, I

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The Top Two Wine Regions of South America

Just like in California and France and other winegrowing areas of high esteem, South America is home to multiple sub-regions — regions within regions, otherwise known as microclimates. It would be impossible to delve into the full list here, let

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What, Exactly, Is a Sommelier?

I’m the first to admit that my French is not muy bueno. So I am enlisting the help of our friends at Merriam-Webster to provide the correct pronunciation of “sommelier.” According to the word experts, it is: səməlˈyā. You’ve probably

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11 Celebrities and Their Wineries

A number of celebrities — from musicians to filmmakers to athletes — have taken their love for wine a (big) step further by getting involved in the wine business. In some cases, it has involved lending their name (and money)

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The Health Benefits of ‘A Glass a Day’

Few beverages have been studied as extensively in the new millennium as wine — especially red wine. For those of us who love to drink the gift of the grape, the news has been good. (That grape gift, by the

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Why Chardonnay Is a Favorite White Wine

One of the most challenging aspects of describing Chardonnay also is one of the reasons it’s one of the world’s most popular white wines. Like few other white wines, Chardonnay can take on the personality not only of its place of

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Old World Wines vs. New World Wines

By accepted definition, “Old World” wines are those that come from the long-established winemaking countries of Europe — primarily Italy, France and Germany, although some would include countries of the Near East and North Africa in the definition. “New World”

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It’s Almost Time to Celebrate National Merlot Day

Anyone who really gets into wine has an “ah-ha!” moment — otherwise known as an epiphany wine. It’s the first time you take a sip from a wine glass and think, “Wow, this is really good. I’m going to have

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Thanksgiving and Wine: Be Prepared

We all know how challenging it can be to find the “perfect” wine for the Thanksgiving Day feast. With so many eclectic flavors on the table, it can be like trying to select just one wine to accompany a meal

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