The Health Benefits of ‘A Glass a Day’

Few beverages have been studied as extensively in the new millennium as wine — image12especially red wine.

For those of us who love to drink the gift of the grape, the news has been good. (That grape gift, by the way, is a compound called resveratrol, which fights off bacteria and fungi, and protects against ultraviolet irradiation.)

Among the health benefits attributed to the moderate consumption of wine — generally defined as up to one 4-ounce glass per day for women, and up to two 4-ounce glasses per day for women — are:

* Living a longer life.

* Protecting against certain cancers.

* Improving mental health.

* Enhancing heart health.

There’s another caveat to the consumption limits: They apply only to people of legal drinking age. Consumption of any kind of alcohol can do great harm to those whose bodies and brains are still developing.

We also must stress the importance of moderate consumption. The concept of moderation tells us that it’s okay to exceed the recommended limit on occasion — mainly when consumed as part of a meal — but it’s never okay to get drunk.

A benefit of drinking wine, in comparison to hard liquor, is that it has a much lower alcohol level. But that does not mean you can drink more of it; it means that drinking it, in moderation, should not do you any harm… and may actually do you some good.

Keep in mind that every person is different, and there are some people who should not drink at all. But as Medical News Today has reported, a glass of wine per day could be the adult equivalent of “an apple a day.”

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