Wine Clubs and Wine Samplers Make Great Gifts

I survived Black


Every year, I swear I will stay at home on the biggest shopping day of the year, thus not having to fight for a parking space and deal with wild-eyed shoppers. And every year, I get sucked in by an unbelievable deal on some product I really don’t need.

But now that I’ve taken care of myself (yes, the deal was for something that I wanted for myself… even if I didn’t need it), it’s time to take care of those on my gift-giving list.

And this year, I’m going to let my friends to all the work for me.

For my really good friends, I’m going to give a six-month membership in a Vinesse wine club of their choice — and they’ll definitely have some choices.

Some clubs focus on a single variety of wine (such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, et al). Others shine the spotlight on wine regions (California, the Pacific Northwest, The World of Wine). Then there’s my personal favorite, the Elevant Society, which brings members exclusive, high-quality red wines.

Let’s be honest: When it comes to gift giving, most of us have “A” list friends and “B” list friends. While my “A” listers will get the club memberships, the “B” listers will receive either a wine sampler  — three, four or six bottles of wine that share a common theme.

Recent examples include Pacific Northwest Passion, a three-bottle sampler; Pascal Winery, a four-bottle collection; and Bright Spanish Reds, featuring six bottles.

These samplers are so much fun to receive because, for most recipients, the wines are new to them. Because of that, the Tasting Note included with each wine is particularly valuable.

I’ll be working on my Vinesse wine club and sampler gifts this evening. Next year, I’ll work on them on Black Friday.

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