The Wines to Have on Hand for the Holidays

I can’t honestly say that the weather outside is frightful — not from my place ofholidaywine_new residence in sunny California, anyway.

But I can say there’s no doubt the holiday season is in full swing. Intersections around shopping malls are jammed, even in the middle of the morning or afternoon, and virtually every store is adorned with garland or twinkling lights or some other symbol of the season.

Around our house, the holidays are synonymous with entertaining, and one thing we’ve learned is that while most people like wine, there’s no single type of wine that everyone likes.

Whether we’re planning a walk-around party or a sit-down dinner, we now try to have a number of different wines on hand. If it’s a dinner, we begin with a wine or two that will pair with the main course. But beyond that — and this certainly is true for parties, too — we make sure to have some lighter and sweeter selections available.

We’ve found that these types of wines — like those found in the Moscato & More sampler from Vinesse — connect with virtually everyone, from sophisticated drinker to wine newbie.

The reason they have become our go-to wines during the holiday season is their versatility. We can simply chill them down and use them as aperitifs, or pair them with food. The range is wide, from spicy Asian cuisine to fruit-based desserts.

Yes, you always want to have a few “special” bottles on hand, like those that are featured in the Elevant Society. Serious wine drinkers will appreciate being offered a glass or two from the selections procured for that exclusive club.

But if you’re looking for a safe way to appeal to the masses, a touch of sweetness is guaranteed to bring smiles to their faces.

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