Are You a Beer Drinker? You’ll Love These Wines

Let’s be clear about one thing: Beer lovers can be every bit as “snobby” as wine lovers.beerwine

And I mean “snobby” in a good way. It’s really a perception of others. Perhaps a better word would be: aficionados. Simply put, we know what we like, and we’ve taken the time to learn more about it.

Is it possible for a beer drinker and a wine drinker to find common ground? Absolutely. It’s simply a matter of identifying a type of wine that has some commonalities to a beer drinker’s preferred style.

I have a number of beer-loving friends, and we recently did some experimenting. Following are three “If you like… you might like…” suggestions.

1. If you like Hefeweizen, you might like Albariño

In the case of both the beer and the wine, the outstanding quality is fruit — primarily citrus, but also including tropical fruit and stone fruit. Also, both are extremely aromatic, much more so than other beers or wines.

2. If you like IPAs, try Sauvignon Blanc

One of the first things you’ll notice about an IPA is its bitter greenness. That’s because the style calls for hops to be at the forefront, and they echo a quality that’s found in virtually all Sauvignon Blanc wines.

The one exception to the “rule” would be Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, which has more of a bell-pepper flavor than the citrus, fresh-cut grass impressions common in Sauvignon Blanc from other winegrowing areas.

3. If you like Porters, you might like Malbec

A buddy of mine loves Porters because of their coffee and chocolate-like flavors — which just happen to be flavors you’ll experience in many bottlings of Malbec.

I used my buddy as a guinea pig for this blog, and after he had a glass of Porter during lunch, we served him a glass of Malbec with dinner.

I can report that he was a happy guy at both meals.



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