16 Soup-and-Wine Pairing Suggestions (It’s That Time!)

It makes perfect sense that January would be National Soup Month. The deep freeze thatsoup much of America has been in this month makes staying home and warming up with a hearty bowl of soup an idea that’s easy to embrace.

Not only is soup the quintessential comfort soup, but many types of soup are good for you. The key, in most cases, is to keep the salt level under control, and that generally can be accomplished by avoiding canned soup and taking the time to make your own.

Yes, some soup recipes are time consuming, but wouldn’t you rather spend time in the kitchen cooking than in the rest of the house cleaning?

My favorite of all soups is beef barley, and the best I’ve ever had was made at a restaurant attached to a winery in Pahrump, Nev. The name of the winery is Pahrump Valley Winery, less than an hour’s drive from Las Vegas, and the name of its restaurant is Symphony’s.

Symphony’s takes soup seriously, as the menu includes French Onion (made with sweet onions and melted cheese), Incredible Lobster Bisque (laced with Crème Sherry), and Tenderloin Barley (made with filet beef).

The Nevada Ridge Silver State Red is my go-to wine when I order the Tenderloin Barley (which is every time I visit).

If you’re planning to heat up some soup to help fight the winter cold, here are 16 soup-and-wine pairing suggestions…

* Beef Barley Soup — Red blends

* Butternut Squash — Gewurztraminer

* Chicken Soup — Chardonnay

* Chicken Noodle Soup — Chenin Blanc

* Chicken Tortilla Soup — Gruner Veltliner

* Corn Chowder — Riesling

* Cream of Mushroom Soup — Chardonnay.

* French Onion — Gamay

* Italian Wedding Soup — Primitivo

* New England Clam Chowder — Chardonnay or Sherry.

* Pho — Rosé sparking wine.

* Potato Leek — Chardonnay.

* Pumpkin Soup — Viognier or Verdejo

* Seafood Bisque — Sauvignon Blanc

* Split Pea and Ham — Riesling.

* Tomato Soup — Sauvignon Blanc or Grenache.



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