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Tricks for Avoiding a Wine Headache

Nobody likes to be in pain, especially when that pain can be avoided. We certainly don’t want to deal with pain that’s caused by something as inherently enjoyable as drinking wine. Obviously, the best way to avoid a wine-induced headache

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Wine Perception: The Differences Between Flavor and Taste

As a writer, one thing you learn, above all else, is that words matter. Early in my career, I turned in a story that included the sentence, “Over 1,500 people were in attendance.” The editor circled the word “over” and

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Counting Calories: Why Red Wine Drinkers Should Not Fret

We are almost through the second month of the year, but that doesn’t mean everyone has broken their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. That means a lot of people are watching their calories. The good news for lovers of

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Tweeting About Wine: 5 Accounts Worth Following

On any given day, 100 million people are tweeting, reading tweets or both. There are 330 million people who are considered “monthly active Twitter users.” Everyone who uses the social media platform has people or organizations they follow, and in

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