Tweeting About Wine: 5 Accounts Worth Following

On any given day, 100 million people are tweeting, reading tweets or both. There are 330twitter million people who are considered “monthly active Twitter users.”

Everyone who uses the social media platform has people or organizations they follow, and in the world of wine, there are lots of people tweeting on a regular basis.

I don’t tweet myself, but I do follow six who do. Here’s who they are, and why I enjoy them…

* JasonBWise — I follow Jason Wise not because he’s a wine expert, but because he’s one of the people behind the documentary, “Sommelier.” Every so often, because he travels to so many cool places, he’ll post photos from various wine regions. I never get tired of looking at grapevines.

* Levi_opens_wine — If you’re into podcasts, you may know Levi Dalton from his “I’ll Drink to That!” podcast. For truncated versions of his podcast observations, follow him on Twitter.

* LauraCatena — If you enjoy Malbec from Argentina, Laura Catena is among the people you have to thank. She’s a fourth-generation vintner and a strong promoter of the region that produces most of Argentina’s Malbec: Mendoza. Just as the late Robert Mondavi helped put California’s Napa Valley on the map, Catena has worked tirelessly to make Mendoza… and its Malbec… famous.

* EricaSimov — My opinion is that if you really want to learn about wine, you must read Eric Asimov’s New York Times wine column on a regular basis. Period. He’s a go-to source for important information, trends and dependable reviews.

* RandallGrahm — I met Randall Grahm when he was first gaining a reputation for his then-unusual blends using then-lesser-known grape varieties. The esoteric essays he wrote about various wine-related topics were so different from anything else available in the world of wine. Today, he shares his off-beat thoughts on Twitter.

Of course, if you’re looking to add some wine-related content to your Twitter feed, don’t forget VinesseWines.

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