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How to Properly Order Wine at a Restaurant

Dining out should be an enjoyable, relaxing experience. That goes for ordering the wine, too. But as consumers, we always need to keep in mind that a restaurant is a business, and a tough one at that. For many fine-dining

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What’s the Difference Between Red Wine and White Wine?

Wait a minute! That sounds like an answer from the “Stupid Questions” category on Jeopardy. Of course, the obvious answer is the color, but perhaps not so obvious is how the colors come to be. It all begins with the

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Why We Love Washington and Oregon Wines

Last fall, the Mrs. and I spent some time in the state of Washington. It was for the purpose of seeing and hearing Al Stewart perform his iconic album, “Year of the Cat,” from start to finish, backed by a

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Tasty Wine Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies

My daughter was a Girl Scout, and during those years I sold a lot of boxes of cookies to colleagues on behalf of her troop. I have been returning the favor ever since, purchasing boxes from friends, relatives and even

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How to Chill Wine in a Hurry

Guests have arrived unexpectedly. You’d like to share a nice bottle of white wine with them. But there’s a problem. The only white wine you have on hand is sitting on your wine rack, and it needs to be chilled

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