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Full-Bodied vs. Medium-Bodied vs. Light-Bodied Wines

There’s a lot of lingo in the wonderful world of wine, most of it used to describe how a specific wine looks or smells or tastes. There also is language used to describe how a wine feels in the mouth.

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It’s Sauvignon Blanc Day — Pour It!

Chances are pretty good that since you are reading this blog, you like Chardonnay. I’m guessing the same would hold true for Merlot. They may not be your favorite white or red wine, but you likely wouldn’t turn them down

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Presidential Wines: Uncorking at the White House

I can’t remember a United States Presidency like the one we have now. And that observation has nothing to do with politics. It’s about visibility. I believe I have seen more of President Donald Trump in the little more than

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Hooray! International Malbec Day Is Today!

Twenty years ago, you rarely saw Malbec on a restaurant wine list, let alone on a supermarket wine shelf. Your best bet for encountering it would have been to visit a wine shop, but even then, it likely would have

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