At-Home Wine-Tasting Tips

Home is the place where we should be able to do pretty much whatever we want intasting whatever way we want… right?

Of course… as long as we’re not breaking any laws.

That said, it would be a crime to simply “drink wine” when it’s so easy to “experience” it, thus multiplying the enjoyment factor.

Here are five tips for getting the most out of drinking wine at home…

  1. Plan ahead. If you’re going to be drinking a white wine or a rosé, plan to put it in the refrigerator for about an hour prior to serving — just long enough to cool it down, but not make it too cold.
  2. Plan ahead, part 2. If you’re going to be drinking a red wine that may need to “breathe” for a little while, plan to open it between 30 and 90 minutes prior to serving. If you find that doesn’t “open it up” enough, then decant it. (More on that next week.)
  3. Invest in an Ah So or similar wine bottle opener — the kind with two prongs that slide down on two sides of the cork between the cork and the inner bottle neck. Sometimes a traditional corkscrew will crack the cork, rendering it nearly impossible to extract. An Ah So has rescued many bottles for me over the years, paying for itself a hundred times over.
  4. Pair the wine with food. Wine is a wonderful adult beverage on its own, but it becomes even more enjoyable when it’s consumed with just the right dish. The Tasting Notes that accompany Vinesse wines always include at least one food-pairing suggestion, but what it really boils down to is your personal preference. I have a friend who loves Chardonnay with a broiled hamburger, and I do not think any less of him. The point is to drink and eat what you like, with the beverage and the food enhancing each other in your mind… and in your mouth.
  5. Share. Whether it’s with a significant other, another family member or a friend, drinking wine is among the most enjoyable social experiences there is. So, when you open a bottle, grab an extra glass.



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